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The application deadline for 2019 has passed. Check back in the fall for information about the 2020 trip.




What is the Guatemala Mission Trip?

Every summer, a group from OLL travels to the San Lucas Tomalin mission in Guatemala to spend a week in community with locals. As their website explains,

“The primary objective of both the short- and long-term volunteer programs at the San Lucas Parish is to make available to the volunteer a cross-cultural learning experience. We do not come to “help” but to “learn” and “walk with” the people of San Lucas. Through working alongside Guatemalans, volunteers and locals unite cultures to work in a culture of service. The ultimate goal is learning through sharing, and active accompaniment of the Guatemalan people in their daily lives.
Short-term volunteers, after receiving an orientation and a tour of the projects, usually participate in projects associated with construction, reforestation, coffee processing & picking, stove-building, and similar tasks. Groups with several hands offer invaluable manual labor for ongoing projects; much of the work is physically tiring but, depending on the time of year and specific need, less demanding work is also available.”

We also have begun partnering with the mission’s charity program. As a part of the charity program, we raise money through coffee sales which goes toward rebuilding homes for those most in need. When we visit, we are able to help with work on those houses and meet the people who will be living in them.

Who Can Apply?

We offer both a youth track and an adult track. The youth track is for all those currently in grades 9-12, and the adult track is open to all those over 18. 

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