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Once again our greater church is in the news for all the wrong reasons.  Many people are angry and frustrated. In today’s homily, Father Tony shares in that anger and frustration.  However, he also believes that no matter how painful this is, God is in this – He is purifying our church – and that no matter how difficult, we need to pray that God continues to purify until He is through.  

Hear Father Tony discuss how we need to pray and trust in God that he is in this and will bring us to the place He wants us to be and that from all of this comes repentence and conversion for all of our church, as we turn to the mercy of God.  

Father also reminds us that at this time, we need the virtue of hope and we need to pray that God will bless us and change us.  We need the miracle of God making everything new.  We need to remember that He is the reason for our hope. So let us be vigilant in our prayer that God will heal the victims, that justice will be done, and that God will have mercy on our church and bless us with pureness and holiness.