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Hear Father Peter reflect on the Feast of the Holy Family and how we who are married, have children or are discerning Marriage as our calling can use the Holy Family as an ideal to strive for. Although there are many families that are broken and wounded, these are not reasons to shy away from looking at what a marriage is supposed to be or what we should strive for. Instead we must remember that although an ideal is not necessarily something we can achieve, it certainly is a goal which gives us a sense of direction and purpose, and that is how we might view the Holy Family. Those who are married should strive for a Holy marriage – one where each is helping the other in trying to get to heaven. We must remember that Marriage is both a vocation and it is a sacrament. As a Vocation – it is a calling – your path to salvation, which is why we must strive to have a Holy Marriage. And as a Sacrament, God is part of it. God wants to help us along the way and His grace is in the marriage for us to lean on in difficult times when we might need more patience or understanding. In a marriage, we should serve and love Christ through each other and through our children. Hear Father Peter discuss how to use prayer and forgiveness in your marriage to submit to Christ in your marriage and better serve Him through it. As a self-check, at the end of each day a spouse or a parent might ask themselves, without judgement, “Did I lead my spouse or children closer to heaven today or was I an obstacle?”