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Dawn Hebig is retiring from her decorator/environment ministry at OLL. Our parish is so grateful for her 10 years of dedicated service!

The Liturgy Committee is now seeking co-chairs to coordinate this role. In addition to co-chairs, volunteers, or “worker-bees” as they’ve been called, would be needed for the various seasons of the church year. Each group of assistants would help tend to one of the seasons of the year: Advent/Christmas Time, Ordinary Time, Lent/Triduum/Easter Time.

Co-chairs would be asked to attend 10 Liturgy Committee Meetings a year and come to an understanding of the guidelines regarding
the norms for Church Environment. Catechesis is provided.

Do you feel you are being called to be a co-chair?
Do you see yourself as a “worker-bee” for one of the seasons?

Thank you for giving this your prayerful consideration.
Please contact Sr. Carrie: 952-472-1284 ext. 8205